Student Ambassadors


What it means to be a Student Ambassador

Being a Student Ambassador is one of the best positions on campus. It allows you to meet new people, develop skills, gain experience, and get benefits. You will have several responsibilities, such as welcoming prospective students, bettering the community through volunteering, and assisting at events.


ETSE Student Ambassador Program

The ETSE Student Ambassadors are highly motivated students, who represent the College of Engineering and the Engineering Technology & Surveying Engineering Department. Their goal is to educate and/or recruit students to either a specific degree program in ETSE to NMSU and the College or Engineering in general. Our Student Ambassadors volunteer their time and talents while gaining a wealth of experience in networking, recruiting and creating rewarding experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime both within ETSE, the College and the community at large.


Role Importance

Our Student Ambassadors make big impressions on new and prospective students at New Student Orientations and Aggie Experience. Establish a leadership role. Help new students feel welcomed. Promote the ETSE Department of NMSU as a representative! Participate in on-campus recruitment events for ETSE, the NMSU President’s Office, NMSU Office of Admissions and university wide events. Help faculty and staff with these events and play a major role in the development of students. Develop relationships within the community by volunteering and through various outreach programs.



As a Student Ambassador, you will have plenty of leadership opportunities. Develop a wide range of skills, such as leadership, communication, presentation, and people skills. Engage with industry partners. Letters of recommendations are available to Student Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors are provided a Leadership Scholarship each semester and an insignia uniform for use during official business.


Become a student ambassador today!

We are always looking for friendly, fun, and dedicated students to join the ETSE student ambassador team. Because the students are asked to represent the college at various events and introduce prospective students to the engineering program, they must be full-time undergraduate engineering students. Students must be sophomores or above to be selected. It is a competitive process. The student must maintain high academic performance.

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