Leandro Montoya


How did NMSU prepare you:
It gave me a leg up on the competition because I came a recognize engineering program. The biggest tool CET gave me was the ability to make informed decisions by identify problems/challenges, evaluate solutions/cost/benefit, and implementing a chosen option.

Pass the FE!

Responsibilites and Success:
Manage the contract maintenance program for District 1 to ensure prudent use and expenditure of state resources. This includes short and long term planning based on current state funding levels.

Responsible for planning and project development of contract maintenance projects within program budgets. This includes utilizing MMS and PMS data to determine the correct scope of work and treatment type. Developing cost estimates based off unit costs for each item determined for each scope of work. Obtain project and control numbers for scope of work and funding accordingly. Obtaining the correct clearances for each scope of work to be performed. Obtaining correct wage rates for each scope of work to be performed. Develop requisitions for each project and ensure funding is encumbered.

Responsible for coordination of project contracts. Making sure each project has sufficient staffing, facilities, and equipment needed for successful completion. For each project, ensure compliance with NMDOT construction guidelines, office procedures, contract specification, and procurement rules.

Responsible for approval of payment based on percentage of work performed. This requires inspection and acceptance of work performed in compliance with each contract specification. This requires a review of each invoice submitted and verified against accepted work for approval.

Development of Statewide NMDOT and District 1 price agreement contracts. This requires development of contract language, specifications, and bid items for each price agreement being developed. Ensuring coordination is being done between the District, State Maintenance Bureau, Procurement Services Bureau, and General Service Division for successful completion of developed price agreement contracts.

Accomplishments: Construction Project Manager for System to System Interchange (I10/I25 Interchange), Helped develop NMDOT Asset Management Plan and Pavement Management System.

Clubs, Competitions, and Extracurriculars:
AGC, bidding competition, e week, and intramural basketball