Sam Gifford


How did NMSU prepare you:
NMSU and especially the ET Department was pivotal in my success as a professional. Many of the things that the ET Department taught me that has helped me are as follows:
   i. Textbook Knowledge through lectures and exams.
   ii. Ethics
   iii. Honesty
   iv. Hard work
   v. Integrity
   vi. Practical application of what was being taught through labs and hands on learning.
   vii. Interviewing skills and how to speak to your strengths.
   viii. How to develop an amazing resume and several other things.

Advice I would give to the prospective and current students is that: You get out of your education what you put into it. Find smarter people than you, to study with. Go to the professors when you don’t understand something, ask them many questions. We truly have the best professors who are willing to help and who want to see you succeed.

Responsibilites and Success:
As a Tooling Engineer, I work with customers to design and develop tools that help build missiles. I am currently in the process of getting a patent for one of the tools I created.

Clubs, Competitions, and Extracurriculars:
I was the Elders Quorum President in my local church where I did about 10-15hrs of service every week helping needy families move, clean, get them meals etc. I also have 6 children that my wife and I home schooled and helped teach.